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Have you still got a car fitted with a carburator?

We can help to get your car running as efficient as possible. Not many garages want to do this as it can be time consuming.

Are your brakes not as efficient as they should be? 

We can bring your brakes back to factory efficiency or even better.


We carry out three levels of seevicing to suit all budgets and needs:

1 - Basic engine service - oil, oil filter and air filter. This is a minimum required to save you and you engine for big repair bills

2 - As number 1 plus: spark plugs and leads, polen filter, fuel filter and all fluids checks

3 - Full service including all the above plus brakes, suspension and steering parts replacement as required. 


We also carry out soft tops restorations and convertible frame repairs.

Is your soft top is dirty, moldy, full of algae, tree sap, bird droppings, etc?

We can restore you soft top to a like new condition. We can also replace plastic windows when they are cracked or scratched.

Is your convertible roof not working?

Contact us

For all engine and general car maintenance questions and booking please contact us.

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